Substance Details

CAS Registry Number: 1189-71-5

CA Index Name: Sulfuryl chloride isocyanate

  • Chlorosulfonyl isocyanate
  • Chlorosulfonylisocyanate
  • Chlorosulfuric acid, anhydride with isocyanic acid
  • chlorosulphonyl isocyanate
  • Chlorsulfonyl isocyanate
  • Chlorsulfonylisocyanat
  • CSI
  • isocianato de clorosulfonilo
  • Isocyanate de chlorosulfonyle
  • Isocyanic acid, anhydride with chlorosulfonic acid
  • Isocyanic acid, anhydride with chlorosulfuric acid
  • N-Chlorosulfonyl isocyanate
  • N-Chlorosulphonyl isocyanate
  • Sulfonyl chloride isocyanate
  • Sulfuryl chloride isocyanate

Chemical Structure:

1189-71-5:Sulfuryl chloride isocyanate

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