Substance Details

CAS Registry Number: 14283-07-9

CA Index Name: Borate(1-), tetrafluoro-, lithium

  • Borate(1-), tetrafluoro-, lithium
  • Borate(1-), tetrafluoro-, lithium (1:1)
  • Lithium boridefluoride (LiBF4)
  • Lithium borofluoride complex salt
  • Lithium fluoborate
  • Lithium fluoroborate
  • Lithium tetrafluoroborate (LiBF4)
  • Lithium tetrafluoroborate(1-)
  • lithium tetrafluoroborate, anhydrous
  • Lithiumtetrafluoroborat, wasserfrei
  • Tetrafluoroborate de lithium, anhydre
  • tetrafluoroborato de litio, anhidro

Chemical Structure:

14283-07-9:Borate(1-), tetrafluoro-, lithium

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