Substance Details

CAS Registry Number: 2278-22-0

CA Index Name: Peroxide, acetyl nitro

  • Acetyl pernitrate
  • Acetyl peroxynitrate
  • Ethanone, 1-(nitrodioxy)-
  • Methylcarbonyl peroxynitrate
  • nitrate de peroxyacetyle
  • nitrato de peroxiacetilo
  • Nitric acid, anhydride with ethaneperoxoic acid
  • PAN
  • PAN (oxidizing agent)
  • Peroxide, acetyl nitro
  • Peroxyacetic acid, anhydride with HNO3
  • peroxyacetyl nitrate
  • Peroxyacetylnitrat

Chemical Structure:

2278-22-0:Peroxide, acetyl nitro

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