Substance Details

CAS Registry Number: 4300-28-1

CA Index Name: D-Ribose, 5-(dihydrogen phosphate)

  • 5-(dihidrogenofosfato) de D-ribosa
  • 5-(dihydrogenophosphate) de D-ribose
  • D-ribose 5-(dihydrogen phosphate)
  • D-Ribose 5-phosphate
  • D-Ribose, 5-(dihydrogen phosphate)
  • D-Ribose-5-(dihydrogenphosphat)
  • R-5-P
  • Ribose 5-monophosphate
  • Ribose 5-phosphate
  • Ribose phosphate
  • Ribose, 5-(dihydrogen phosphate), D-

Chemical Structure:

4300-28-1:D-Ribose, 5-(dihydrogen phosphate)


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