Substance Details

CAS Registry Number: 524-14-1

CA Index Name: Coenzyme A, S-(hydrogen propanedioate)

  • Coenzyme A, S-(hydrogen malonate)
  • Coenzyme A, S-(hydrogen propanedioate)
  • Malonyl CoA
  • Malonyl coenzyme A
  • S-(hidrogenomalonil)coenzima A
  • S-(hydrogen malonyl)coenzyme A
  • S-(Hydrogenmalonyl)coenzym A
  • S-(hydrogenomalonyl)coenzyme A
  • S-Malonyl-CoA
  • Thiomalonic acid S-ester with coenzyme A

Chemical Structure:

524-14-1:Coenzyme A, S-(hydrogen propanedioate)


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